Call for Submissions

Have a photo project that you’d like to turn into a book? Soft Grain Books is now accepting submissions for lens-based photo book projects. We specialize in long-form documentary photography and are looking for submissions that tell a story of a place or people from start to finish. Successful projects will have between 30-80 photos and a 250-word description that explains the meaning and impact of the project. Please only submit projects that have been completed, or are in the final stages.

We spend a lot of time deliberating over every submission, but we receive a high volume of projects and may not be able to get back to everyone.

Using the form below please include a Google Drive or Dropbox link to a folder containing:

  1. A minimum of 20 photos from your project with proper names, and in the right order
  2. A brief introduction
  3. A brief summary of the project (max 250 words)
  4. A link to your portfolio and/or Instagram
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