No Fair Country


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One truth becomes vehemently clear the moment you exit the major roads: Morocco is not a fair country. The rich and poor are divided by their changing access to seasonal fresh water. Life is modern in the Oases. But life becomes much harder just on the other side of the mountain, where it has not rained and crops have not grown for years. All that’s left to do is make a living shepherding goats across worthless, desolate land, or selling found trinkets to passersby.

Both the modern and the derelict are presented here. The luxury hidden behind centuries-old adobe city walls, and the endless, unrelenting desert outside. All of it is beautiful, none of it is fair.

Daren Zomerman
Printed: February 2023
Softcover, Perfect Binding, A5 size
Limited Edition of 250
ISBN: 978-1-7388611-0-1

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